Emcelle® by Stuart Products Inc®

  • Best Trait = Fantastic value!
  • Worst Trait = You have to do the math yourself to determine feeding rate.

Consider this product if…

  1. Your horse is exposed to higher than average levels of stress (i.e. regular competition, frequent changes in environment, regular trailering, high level of performance)
  2. Your active horse’s diet is hay-based and he/she does not have regular access to fresh, green pasture.
  3. You are not seeing expected muscle tone or stamina corresponding to quantity and quality of work load perhaps due to myopathy.
  4. You want to optimize reproductive health of stallions, broodmares and prodigy.

Why review this product?

This product was recommended by a trusted PhD equine nutrition and physiology researcher that I often reach out. She found it to be the highest quality for the best price. I fully trust her guidance, but also wanted to take a deeper dive and do some comparing on my own. Enjoy!

The Actual Review in 5 Parts

Company Information & Communication

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I was completely unfamiliar with Stuart Products Inc. and Custom Equine Nutrition where it was available for purchase online, so I had to do quite a bit of digging! The Stuart Products Inc website had zero information and the email bounced back, so I reached out to Custom Equine Nutrition where I had been sending people to purchase Emcelle Tocopherol. The information about the product and Vitamin E in general was very, very basic.

Custom Equine Nutrition’s return policy is fair, but not great. There is a 30 day, 100% refund policy for UNOPENED product. However, if you opened it and your horse didn’t eat it or you did not see results then you’ll need to pay a 15% restocking fee plus the original cost of shipping it to you. They do have a Green Business Certification which I had never seen before and looked nice. It appears that the company makes extra effort to recycle and minimize use of plastics. That’s cool! Finally, they have a rewards program that might interest you if you decide to go with Emcelle Tocopherol for your Vitamin E supplementation.

The only concerning piece of marketing material was the random bar graph chart. It appears to suggest that Stuart Products Inc., Emcelle Tocopherol has greater effect on blood tocopherol compared to “natural Vitamin E” over time. Considering that Emcelle IS natural vitamin E, I’m very suspicious of this graphic. There is no way to determine if this was real or good science. Also, the statement that their product is “6 times more bioavailable” is not substantiated. The graph is quite misleading to me.

Feeding Directions

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Directions on the Custom Equine Nutrition website say “top dress onto feed at time of feeding”. Ok can we get any less helpful than that! However, the label attached to the bottle says 0.2-0.5 mL per 100 lbs of body weight. Even though this product appears to be created with young dairy calves in mind, that’s 5.5 mL per 1,100 lb horse. That’s almost exactly what I would suggest at 6 mL per day (3,000 IU) for the average horse in moderate work.

This product was designed with many species in mind, so feeding directions are only in mL/body weight. This demands that horse owner do the math themselves and decide what level of Vitamin E supplementation is right for their horses. Hopefully, the horse owner knows that before purchasing this product. If you don’t know, talk to a nutritionist first.

Ingredients List

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The ingredients list says d-alpha-tocopherol (RRR-alpha-tocopherol). Good enough. This is the preferred form and source of Vitamin E for horses in stress, heavy workload, or suffering from myopathy and/or Vitamin E deficiency.

Other ingredients in the bottle include castor oil (carrier), water and n-propyl alcohol. Don’t freak out people. All supplements, wether they tell you or not, must put Vitamin E into something. Vitamin E can not float around in space all by itself. Chill!

Guaranteed Analysis

Rating: 4 out of 5.

There are 500 IUs per mL of product then 6 mL are necessary (1.5 pumps) to reach our 3,000 IU per day suggestions. [See KER Nano-E review.] This is a little less concentrated than the KER Nano-E, but by the cost per IU turns out to be a lot better. *See below.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

From customequinenutrition.com Emcelle Tocopherol can be purchased for $114.00 with free shipping. To compare across similar products, I’ve used a 3,000 IU daily dose for a 1,100 lb horse in moderate work. Since 6 mL are necessary to reach 3,000 IU’s then there 167 servings in a 1,000 mL bottle. That’s $0.68 per day which is nearly $1.61 less per day than KER Nano-E. That is an annual savings of $587 compared to other top rated Vitamin E supplements on the market.

UPDATE: I also found this product at animalhealthwarehouse.com for $90.99 per 1,000 mL bottle!


Back to Basics Alternatives

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Despite knowing little to nothing about the company making Stuart Products Inc., Emcelle Tocopherol, the price per day for a natural, d-alpha-tocopherol product can NOT be beat! I would start here if I were supplementing Vitamin E to my horse.

Consider management strategies increase grazing on fresh grass.

One thought on “Emcelle® by Stuart Products Inc®

  1. Hi ~ this is Patti at Desert Equine Balance.. Seems you left out one the most important aspects of both the Stuart Emcelle and the liquid Nano-E – that it is micellized. This affects both absorption and bio-availability – which is why micellized vitamin E is recommended when levels test low and you need to jump start getting up to normal quickly. I believe KER mentions this in their information. Especially good for post-partum mares still lactating as they tend to be vitamin E depleted and neurological (such as EOPSM) horses. Once receptors are saturated, the advantage of micellized vitamin E is less – many can switch to a less expensive alternative. I always like to see E/Se blood testing before starting supplementation to avoid spending on something that is not needed. (One of the few supplements where blood testing is both accurate and cost effective.)


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