EO3™ by Kentucky Equine Research®

Best Trait = Source of DHA and EPA fatty acids Worst Trait = oils are messy and the feeding directions are vague Consider this product if… Your horse is exposed to higher than average levels of stress (i.e. regular competition, frequent changes in environment, regular trailering, high level of performance) You have not seen anti-inflammatoryContinue reading “EO3™ by Kentucky Equine Research®”

Gut X by 100X Equine, LLC

Best Trait = 1% of their proceeds go to charity Worst Trait = The references listed on their website have little to no connection to their product. Consider this product if… ….can’t think of anything… …still can’t think of anything… Well…if you’re actually looking for a joint supplement with high levels of hyaluronic acid. IContinue reading “Gut X by 100X Equine, LLC”

HorseGuard™ Flaxen Flow

*Updated June 2021 Best Trait = simple high quality ingredient for a fair price Worst Trait = feeding oils is messy Consider this product if… Your horse suffers from auto-immune disorders such as severe allergic reactions Your horse’s immune system in compromised (i.e. allergies) You are positive that your horse’s vitamin-mineral requirements are being exceeded,Continue reading “HorseGuard™ Flaxen Flow”

Stride® Animal Health Fish Oil Factor

Best Trait = blend of plant based and marine based antioxidants Worst Trait = low dosage of DHA and EPA compared to other products Consider this product if… Your horse has no access to green pasture. Your horse’s immune system needs support due to intense performance demand, allergies, or presence of disease. Your horse battlesContinue reading “Stride® Animal Health Fish Oil Factor”

EquiThrive® Metaboral® (resveratrol)

Best Trait = transparency Worst Trait = cost Consider this product if… You are struggling to control insulin levels in a chronically laminitic horse. Your overweight IR/EMS/Laminitis horse has chronic lameness. You have an obese horse that is finding weight loss difficult despite severe calorie restriction, and you want to help control inflammation. Alternatives IfContinue reading “EquiThrive® Metaboral® (resveratrol)”

SUCCEED™ Digestive Conditioning Program by Freedom Health, LLC

*Updated June, 2021 Best Trait = Blend of digestive aid ingredients Worst Trait = Cost per serving Consider this product if… You feed a performance sport horse in aggressive training/competing Your horse shows symptoms of digestive discomfort You are breeding and producing high performance foals Alternatives Company Information & Communication There is a LOT ofContinue reading “SUCCEED™ Digestive Conditioning Program by Freedom Health, LLC”