EquiThrive® Metaboral® (resveratrol)

Best Trait = transparency Worst Trait = cost Consider this product if… You are struggling to control insulin levels in a chronically laminitic horse. Your overweight IR/EMS/Laminitis horse has chronic lameness. You have an obese horse that is finding weight loss difficult despite severe calorie restriction, and you want to help control inflammation. Alternatives IfContinue reading “EquiThrive® Metaboral® (resveratrol)”

Heiro™ Healthy Equine Insulin Rescue Organics

Worst Trait: Lack of scientific evidence to support claims Best Trait: Formulated by professionals Company Information & Communication I reached out to Equine Medical & Surgical Associates, proprietors of Horse Heiro™, on a Sunday morning, and was shocked to get a reply from the nutritionist within hours- not once, but twice on the same day!Continue reading “Heiro™ Healthy Equine Insulin Rescue Organics”