Natalie, owner of On Course Equine Nutrition, is a horsewoman who has evaluated thousands of feed rooms over her professional career in the equine nutrition industry. She is unaffiliated with any feed or supplement company and does not take compensation for any product reviews.

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Private Consulting Services

Has your horse been diagnosed with a nutrition related disease? Have you set your equestrian goals higher than ever before? Or simply looking for a shinier coat and better hooves? Adding an equine nutritionist to your horse’s “team” has many benefits (i.e. clarity, experience, perspective), but best of all, Natalie offers peace of mind that you’re horse’s daily care is just the way you want it. All without the selling agenda that feed and company feed representatives may have. Book your first session here.

Equine Nutrition Education Courses

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the quantity of nutrition products and opinions out there then this course is for you! In her four week, 6 lecture educational series, Natalie teaches horse owners, trainers, veterinarians, farriers and other equine professionals how to better balance equine diets without lengthy math problems or spending more money. This is not your typical boring equine nutrition lecture! She teaches little-known, but very powerful industry secrets that will give you and your clients confidence and purpose at the feed store.

OCEN Community Membership

Welcome Equine Nutrition Enthusiasts of All Disciplines! If you’re passionate about what you feed your horses, you’ve found your tribe. Perks include..

  • Discount on full educational course ($23 value)
  • FREE monthly guest lectures from equine experts ($240 value)
  • FREE access to past guest lecture audio records ($180 value)
  • FREE monthly case study publications ($72 value)
  • Discount on private consults ($28 value)
  • $543 VALUE!

“I am a dressage instructor and trainer with 40 plus years of experience yet I wasn’t totally satisfied with the results I was getting with current my feeding program. I sought out Natalie’s expertise and she has been invaluable in helping us streamline and define the nutrition for all three of our horses that have completely different feed needs. She walked us through the steps of learning how to balance those needs, using the feed company that we prefer, to achieve our performance and health goals. The result reduced our costs by more than 30%. I highly recommend Natalie’s course no matter what your experience level is with feeding horses!”

– Malissa Comerford | Montana

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