SUCCEED™ Digestive Conditioning Program by Freedom Health, LLC

*Updated June, 2021 Best Trait = Blend of digestive aid ingredients Worst Trait = Cost per serving Consider this product if… You feed a performance sport horse in aggressive training/competing Your horse shows symptoms of digestive discomfort You are breeding and producing high performance foals Alternatives Company Information & Communication There is a LOT ofContinue reading “SUCCEED™ Digestive Conditioning Program by Freedom Health, LLC”

FORCO® Feed Supplement Digestive Fortifier

Best Trait = Ingredients Worst Trait = Limited distribution Consider this product if… Your forage quality is poor You’d like to add a digestive aid as a preventative for digestive upset to a horse’s diet who is actively training, competing, and traveling regularly You are not feeding recommended levels of a fortified feed product alreadyContinue reading “FORCO® Feed Supplement Digestive Fortifier”