HorseGuard™ Flaxen Flow

*Updated June 2021 Best Trait = simple high quality ingredient for a fair price Worst Trait = feeding oils is messy Consider this product if… Your horse suffers from auto-immune disorders such as severe allergic reactions Your horse’s immune system in compromised (i.e. allergies) You are positive that your horse’s vitamin-mineral requirements are being exceeded,Continue reading “HorseGuard™ Flaxen Flow”

Stride® Animal Health Fish Oil Factor

Best Trait = blend of plant based and marine based antioxidants Worst Trait = low dosage of DHA and EPA compared to other products Consider this product if… Your horse has no access to green pasture. Your horse’s immune system needs support due to intense performance demand, allergies, or presence of disease. Your horse battlesContinue reading “Stride® Animal Health Fish Oil Factor”